1. "We love each other but aren’t good for each other."

    A 10 word story that’ll fuck you up.  (via lettyrps)

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  2. "His eyes aren’t the ocean; I’m not going to drown when he tells me he doesn’t love me anymore.
    His freckles aren’t really constellations that I can trace my fingers against so I can feel the stars shimmering under his skin,
    and his veins are not a map I follow to lead me back to his heart where I belong.
    He is honestly just a sleepy eyed boy with dimples and crooked teeth.
    But it’s really hard not to see the world in someone when in truth, to you that’s what they are. Your entire fucking world."

    There’s just something about you (H.S)

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  4. "I’m never letting this one go because, often, certain people enter our lives at the most peculiar times for the most beautiful reasons. They seem to make the most perfect impressions while leaving us behind an everlasting impact. Some of the best things in life appear when you least expect them, things you can never forget."

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  5. "I tried to love you less. I couldn’t."

     Simone de Beauvoir, from The Mandarins (via soulsscrawl)

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    Ff . 

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    One question: are you here ‘cause you need someone, or ‘cause you need me? Forget it, I don’t care.

    Say Anything (1989)

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